Friday, June 05, 2009

Night Time Cravings

Don't you just hate getting a weird craving at about the time you should be thinking about getting ready for bed? I got a craving for German Chocolate Cake last night at 7:00pm. We had eaten supper and I was full, so it wasn't hunger. It was some kind of random "I want something I haven't had in years" craving.

Now something you should know about me is that I am VERY picky about cake, especially German Chocolate Cake. It can't be to sweet or to dry, and the frosting must taste like coconut and slightly sweet caramel or brown sugar frosting. So with all those variables, and the fact that it was 7pm, I decided I was going to make German Chocolate Cake - a desert I have never in my life made.

Out come the cookbooks and the mixing bowls. I put PeterC in charge of the cake since he makes a killer chocolate brownie that is just the right texture and taste for what I remember the cake should be like. He starts mixing up the recipe while I find and start making a frosting from one of my cookbooks. Needless to say disaster struck almost immediately, though we didn't realize it until it was to late.

It turned out the recipe I had chosen was for a SAUCE, not an actual frosting, but I didn't realize that until I was trying to trouble shoot the recipe. I added evaporated milk to the cooked sugar and water, it frizzled and spattered as promised but the sugar turned into these huge, hard lumps in the bottom of the pan instead of mixing smoothly with the milk. As I was reading the recipe again, I came across the sentence that I must have missed in first reading. "Pour the sauce over the cake". Definitely, not the recipe I wanted to use.

Out came another cookbook. This one had a recipe for German Chocolate Cake Frosting. The ingredients included evaporated milk, sugar, and water so I thought I would try to use the mess I had made to make this new recipe. I added the vanilla and beaten eggs with some success, and eventually it started to thicken and look like a dark frosting. It was darker than it should have been and that was because I had left the sugar and water on the heat longer than I should have and it burnt a little.

Meanwhile, PeterC is working away at his brownie recipe. When it comes time to put it in the oven it doesn't look right. It isn't a batter. It looks more like a really moist chocolate crumble. He decides to add another couple of eggs, which makes it look like the right consistency, and in the oven it goes.

A half an hour, and many dishes and utensils, later we pull what looks like the perfect cake base out of the oven. We flip it out of its pan and frost it. The frosting goes on exactly like I think it should. Out come the forks and the first , oh so much anticipated bite, and....ugh! The frosting is bitter and the cake is so dry it crumbles in your mouth. On top of all that the whole thing is so sweet I can barely eat a bite without having insulin reactions of the negative kind.

By this time it is 9:00 pm, the kitchen is a mess, the cake was a flop, and I am ready for bed. Maybe my next attempt at making a cooked frosting should be done in the daylight hours. I'll be more awake and I can wash away the evidence, of another failed attempt, before PeterC gets home from work.

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