Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A-Frames and Herb Beds, OH My!

PeterC took an extra day off from work this weekend which gave us a lot of time to get some of the projects we've been needing to get done at least started. He spent most of the time stacking and splitting firewood for this coming winter. We will be getting a few more cords of wood over the next few weeks and that will have to be split as well. I spent part of the weekend splitting the kindling using some scrap lumber given to us by a coworker. As our summer building projects get done we'll be adding to the kindling bin slowly.

Work, as always, continued in the garden. We built a couple of A-frames for the beans to climb up. The beans seem really happy as a couple have already shot up a couple of feet since the frames were added to the garden. Besides weeding, which is an ongoing project, I replanted a couple of rows of beets. Whether due to birds, insects, bad seed, or bad luck we only had a few beets coming along. I filled in the bare spots with left over seeds from this year and last. With luck they will sprout and fill in nicely.

Otherwise, the garden is doing great, well except the cucumbers which are stunted and not growing well. The soil in the blue bins seems weak and the water leaches it further every time it rains or we water. The spinach has gone to seed already, but we are going to let it reseed itself so we have fresh spinach this fall. The carrots, potatoes, and broccoli are putting out extra efforts to grow well this year. Even the squash is starting to really put on growth, now that the cool days have become a thing of the past.

We also built the herb bed frame yesterday. I was originally planning on filling it with soil and planting herbs this year but plans changed. Instead, we are going to fill the frame with grass clippings this year, let those compost down over the summer and winter, and top it all off with soil next spring. Then we'll plant a variety of herbs is the very rich soil. So far I'm planning on chamomile, rosemary, sage, oregano, transplanting the tarragon, chives, mint, and thyme. These are all perennials in this area. I also plan on planting basil and summer savoury , annuals, and anything else that catches my eye next spring.

Even the sweet potatoes are growing like crazy. Soon I'll have to add a stake or possibly a tomato cage so the vines and grow up instead out like they did last year. I put the smaller planter on the deck and look forward to the pretty purple and white blooms later in the summer.

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