Saturday, May 09, 2009

May Showers!

What's that nursery rhyme? April Showers bring May Flowers. Around here it should be May Showers bring May Flowers.

It has been mercifully wet this week. Just last week we were having to water the garden every couple of days. This week, we haven't had to water once. The garden, and flower beds, really like the rain and have been putting in loads of extra growth to make up for the dry April. The flower beds are awash with the yellows, blues, and whites of the spring bulbs - daffodils, lily-of-the-valley, and a little blue star that I don't know the name of. Even the wild violets are growing and blooming nicely.

The broccoli, carrots, beets, and spinach have all sprouted. In fact the spinach has already started putting on their second leaves, the ones we get to eat. The lettuce has put out the edible leaves but the plants are still a little small for picking yet. The rhubarb finally sprouted. It is a small cutting from a former co-workers plant and I wasn't sure if it had survived the winter. Well it did and is happily growing. The beans, squash, cucumbers, and hot peppers I planted haven't started peeking through yet but I am confident that they will.

In other news the baby robins have fledged and flown the coop. We only saw one leave the nest, but he managed to fly/glide/fall all the way across the yard and onto the wood pile. Mom was coaching him the whole way and was standing by to defend him from a rather shocked squirrel, who just happened to provide a soft landing for the young robin.

To quote a rather old movie "Life always finds a way", and I think it is just wonderful.

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