Sunday, May 31, 2009

As the Garden Grows

Well, it looks like I survived this season's version of the flu. I have to admit that for a short time I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but all the warm thoughts and shared stories from my faithful readers kept me going. That, and the fact that I was getting really tired of being tired. I slept all day Monday with a bad case of the chills and by Tuesday I was feeling better. Wednesday my appetite was back to full swing and I ate a salad, two ears of corn, and a slice of barley pudding.

The garden is coming along slowly. Its been cooler than normal for this time of year with a couple of surprise frosts well past the normal last frost date. We covered everything that was growing and all plants have survived well, though the warmer weather plants are only just now, grudgingly, sticking their heads above the soil. The squash finally sprouted, though it looks like I may have lost all but two seeds to the birds and weather. The beans have been a little hit and miss in sprouting and the lettuce is little more than decorative dressing for the cucumbers.

The potatoes are doing really well, showing a good four or fives inches of upper growth. I'm very pleased with the straw and potatoes experiment. We'll have to see later this year if the tubers themselves grow as well as the foliage. If they do then this is going to be my preferred method of growing potatoes from this point forward.

The spinach is doing the best of all the cooler weather plants. We've been eating it for a week now and the plants don't seem to be any worse the wear for the cool nights and wet days we've been having. At this rate we'll be able to eat spinach every night for supper and have enough to freeze for casseroles later this year. The carrots also seem to be doing well. Another week or two and I'll have to thin them down to one plant every couple of inches.

We started our outdoor building projects this weekend. We decided to build a raised, floating deck in place of the back steps. This gives us the beginnings of a fancy two level deck and lets me hang out the laundry without pulling out the step ladder to reach the clothes line. We still have to build and populate the herb bed and reinforce the foundation of the garage but we are about a month ahead of schedule so far. With any luck that means we'll have everything done before PeterC gets his summer vacation and we'll actually have a few days to play as we see fit.

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