Sunday, May 03, 2009

Another Round of Planting

Yesterday was another good day here. PeterC spent most of the day relocating wood frames, in preparation for next years firewood supply, and relocating planting boxes to their new homes. I've talked him into building a new herb bed next to the west wall of the house. It is going to be two tiers and the boxes he moved yesterday are the upper tier. Later this month I hope to add the lower tier made from 2 x 12's or possibly decorative stones.

I spent the day doing more planting, with the occasional interruption to help PeterC move the heavier and more awkward items. The sweet potato slips finally arrived so they were the first to get planted. We order the slips from Dominion House again this year, since they did so well for us last year. Dominion House lets you choose the time of year you want live plants to be delivered. This year I chose the end of April and they arrived on April 30th. Hows that for timeliness?

Instead of planting the sweet potatoes in the garden, like I did last year, I decided to plant them in large planters. I figure this will do two things for me. One, to harvest the sweet potatoes I just dump the planters and pick out the tubers. Two, the flowers of the sweet potato are a lovely purple and white striped shallow trumpet, similar to a morning glory bloom. By planting the sweet potatoes in planters I can have some really unique patio flowers, while getting vegetables out of the deal.

I also planted the dry beans, Cranberry and Tongue of Fire, in the third bed. I had originally thought to plant side to side, along the 4 foot dimension of the bed, but in the end I decided to plant long wise. This only gives me four rows, but each row is 12 ft long. I ended up with two and a half rows of beans. The rest of the bed will be planted in summer and winter squash, which I hope to get planted this afternoon.

We still haven't built the trellises for the climbing beans but we have at least two weeks before they sprout. In the interim I am using the metal trellises that used to be in the boxes mentioned earlier. They will actually work quite well, I just didn't have enough to line the whole length of one row, much less two rows. We are still trying to decided what kind of trellis would best fit our garden. I want a permanent structure, but since we rotate plants each year it also needs to be portable. Perhaps an A-frame would be the best choice.

When we were shopping yesterday morning I bought two more Rosemary plants, since the ones from last year didn't come back this year, and a Provence Lavender plant. It was all I could do to keep myself from buying several other kinds of herbs but we are just no ready for them yet. I love the fact that I am getting an herb garden but, as with everything, money dictates when it will be built and buying the herbs now would be premature.

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