Monday, April 06, 2009

Windy River

The wind has been blowing hard, crashing the river against the community wharf. The sky has been dull and grey since Friday afternoon. The weather man says we received our entire allotment of rain for April on Friday and Saturday. I can tell we've had a lot of rain. The wild garden is completed flooded and water is standing around the furthest of our raised beds.

A robin decided he was going to build his nest on top of our back yard light. The wind took it down three or four times but he persisted and we now have a cute little nest above our back door. It is smaller than expected, being only 4 inches across. Hopefully, he will accept our using the door and won't turn into a bomber pilot every time we are outside in the yard.

The crocuses are blooming all over the yard, and some in places I'm sure I didn't plant them. It seems the squirrels were helping me transplant them around the yard. The other bulbs- daffodils, lilies, and the sedum are all starting to show their tips above the ground. A couple of days of sun and they will start to bloom, too.

Here are pictures of the Scarf, and a baby spoon I finished this weekend.

The scarf, which I call Windy River, is 41 inches not counting the fringe. It is very flexible and wraps nicely around the neck, face, and head. The name comes from the white ripples that flow throughout the pattern.

The baby spoon is carved from basswood. As seen in the picture the handle is wide giving it a firm grip by adults and children alike. I sealed it with tung oil to help it wear well against lots of use and abuse.


Anonymous said...

I just love love love them. You are really talented. I think they are both awesome; I so wish I could figure out the weaving.

My crocuses have not bloomed yet, nor have the daffodils, hiacynths or the tulips. We had an early start but they seem to have stalled. Oh well maybe for Easter.

L. said...

I love that scarf! You named it perfectly. And your spoon is so beautiful. I just love looking at your gorgeous hand worked art.

It's rainy here now, too. We haven't had as much as you, though. But it's making everything so green - and it's making me crave warmer weather and days in the garden.....