Monday, April 27, 2009

More Planting Done

Saturday was very hot, 29ºC, for April. It was actually pretty difficult to breathe when we first went outside, but outside we did go. PeterC turned the last bed in the garden and spent the rest of the day cleaning up the yard. I spent the day planting the rest of the first two beds. I was supposed to start planting in the third bed but just couldn't get up the energy to do it.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I had set out the seed potatoes to develop the eyes. The eyes developed nicely and by Saturday I was able to plant the potato bed. I planted them in the space left after I planted beets and broccoli, neither of which has sprouted yet, in the second bed. That gave me just enough room to plant all my eyes as long as I planted them only one foot apart. If I had planted them two feet apart as directed on the box I would have required a lot more space, space we don't have.

I did try something new with the potatoes this year. Usually I plant the potatoes in a deep trench and cover them loosely with an inch of so of soil. As the plants grow I pile dirt around them until we have a small mound around each plant. This year I planted them in a trench like normal but I only covered them with a little dirt. I could still see the majority of the eye when I was done. I watered the soil heavily and placed a 6-8 inch layer of straw over the trenches. I have read this is a great way to grow potatoes so I thought this would be the year to give it a go.

I also managed to get my snap beans planted in the first bed. I only had two rows left to plant in which worked out great for the Fin de Bagnol snap, bush beans I planted this year. I've never grow this variety of bean before but the seeds looked like long, skinny, pinto beans. I made sure to coat them liberally with nitrogen inoculant before I planted them and watered them liberally after I planted them. With any luck we'll see sprouts soon.

Speaking of sprouts, the spinach as sprouted. At first I thought I was seeing little grass sprouts until I realized they were in my spinach rows. Now that the spinach has sprouted it is time to get out the fencing and protect the garden from grazing rabbits.

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