Monday, April 20, 2009

Lettuce Sprouts

I didn't get to spend as much time outside this weekend as I had hoped but I was able to spend a couple of hours outside yesterday. It has been very dry here the last few days so I had to hand water the area I have already planted. This is the second time this week I had to water the newly planted garden and the lettuce in the barrels.

The first time I watered I used a bucket and was a little overzealous in my watering. The lettuce in the barrels got the brunt of it and I was sure I had destroyed my planting efforts when I let to much water wash the top soil around in the barrels. Yesterday, when I watered using a proper watering can, I was delighted to discover that the lettuce had sprouted regardless of my carelessness earlier in the week.

I am amazed by cool weather plants. They will sprout and grow even under our harsher and unpredictable Canadian Springs. We've had monsoon amounts of rain followed by near drought conditions and the temperatures have ranged from 20ºC to -6ºC over a period of just a couple of weeks. Now that the lettuce has actually sprouted I'll have to watch the weather more closely and cover the barrels if it looks like we will get freezing temperatures or frost conditions again.

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