Thursday, April 02, 2009

First Seeds and Bees

Saturday was warm and sunny so while PeterC played with his guitar I fussed about in the yard. I cleaned up a few fallen sticks, looked at the tiny little crocus blooms, and watched very groggy honey bees stumble from crocus bloom to crocus bloom. Apparently the bees were hungry, too. They swarmed the bird feeders and crawled all over the bird seed. I don't know if there was enough pollen on the seeds to make a difference so I put a shallow plate of sugar water out for them to sip at.

After I fed the birds, and bees, I decided to take a look see at the garden plots. The large raised beds were very wet and the soil still quite cool but the half barrels were perfect for planting. Usually we use the barrels for potatoes but since I had some early green leaf lettuce seeds ready to go I sprinkled them on the soil and lightly covered them. Luck would have it that it rained for the next four days and the air cooled off, which should be good for the lettuce.

Today is warm and sunny again. I'm almost tempted to go out and check on the lettuce but I know it takes two weeks to sprout. The other beds are even wetter now than they were so planting is definitely on hold for a couple of weeks. It works out in the end since the birds are stealing twigs and stems, left in the garden last fall, to build their nests in the trees and hedges around the place. We have standing water in the wild garden area because the ground is still frozen back there and we've had so much rain. I'm hoping that means we will have a large crop of baby toads in the yard this year, but I fear it means mosquitoes too.

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It's funny, but when I plant something, even though I know it will be a week or two before it pops up, I check it every day! I'm so happy spring is showing it's bright and smiling face now.