Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've been struggling to find something positive to talk about for the last four days. Unfortunately, I can't find anything so I'll give a brief update for the week and hope that my mood and the weather are in better spirits next week.

I'm still struggling with an ear infection. It will seem fine for a few days or even weeks and then it plugs up and the Doctor has to vacuum pus out of my ear. He finally decided I needed ear drops on Monday. I have to put in four drops twice a day for the next ten days. He has also scheduled for me to have another hearing test in April.

The weather has been typical spring weather here. The ground is still frozen, the sun is warm, and I haven't seen much sun this week. It has been overcast and rainy for the last several days. With the ground still frozen that means We have flooding in the yard, and worse around the foundation. The sump pump has been running several times a day this past week.

I keep telling myself that things can only get better over the next few weeks as Spring continues it unstoppable march forward. Soon I'll be spending my days outside digging dirt and planting seeds. In the mean time, I have to vacuum the house every day because the animals have all gone into hyper-shedding mode and I find tufts of fur all over the place only minutes after I clean the house. Sigh, the signs of Spring.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry spring will come. It may make you feel better to know that we have had more snow in the month of March than we had all winter. We still think that spring is coming.
Janet said...

Sometimes it seems life suddenly becomes overwhelming and it's difficult to find that silver lining. I hope your ear is well on it's way to healing and your spirits lift soon. Spring will certainly be a welcomed season this year! It's been a LONG winter!

Take good care,