Monday, March 23, 2009


Spring is playing peek-a-boo with us. Either that or Winter is holding on with tooth and nail.

Friday was starting to get cool in the evening and the wind was coming out of the North. Saturday, the air was cool, the wind cold, and the sun warm. Yesterday, I woke to a heavy dusting of snow and a cold North wind. Luckily, the sun was still warm so the dusting, along with a little more of the winter accumulation, was gone by the middle of the afternoon. This morning the ground is hard again, the wind is still blowing out of the North, and the Sun doesn't feel quite as warm on my face as it has been.

I'm working on a new weaving. This is a scarf that is a little over 5 inches wide and will be almost three feet long, not counting the fringe. I had originally planned on weaving in some textural diamonds along the length of the scarf but the pattern didn't look right. I still need to do some research and learn some of the finer details of weaving texture and complex patterns. On the up side the colours I chose and the threading is creating a very interesting pattern all on its own. So far, the pattern reminds me of a summer river with small white tipped waves.

I'm still working on carving but for now the weaving is taking most of my attention. I have a baby spoon and another coffee scoop in progress. Actually all I need to do is finish them but I haven't decided on whether I want to stain them or leave them natural. I'm leaning toward staining but as always I am procrastinating on making a final decision. I'll post pictures as soon as I finally finish them.

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