Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crocus Sprouts

Yes!, they finally sprouted. Well, a few of them have but if a few survived then I can hope that more will come up. The daffodils are sprouting too. Soon the yard will be a mottled brown with specks of yellow, blue, purple, and pink. I love the colours of Spring.

PeterC took me shopping for my birthday yesterday. We hit Walmart, the only place I know to buy yarn in town, and I bought several skeins of lovely variegated coloured cotton, wool, and even some acrylic. I had originally planned on only using natural materials for my weaving but there are colours and weights that are only available in acrylic. Oh, but the range of colours I managed to get. I already have my next scarf planned in my head. Now I just need to get it planned on paper and finish up the one I'm working on.

PeterC also took a few moments to take a picture of the belt I just finished and the hat band I made for him. I posted progress pictures of the hat band but not the finished product. I'm quite proud of both of these projects and they both taught me quite a lot about this new hobby.

Here is the hat band on his winter hat and a picture that lets you see the front and back. It is made from 100% cotton crochet thread. This weaving was done double-faced, so the front and back are almost perfect negatives of each other. The glitter is the result of a single metallis thread that was part of the white crochet thread. I think it looks really nice.

Here is the belt I just finished. It is made from the same crochet thread as the hat band above. It is quite small, sized to fit a young child or a really petite teenager, and is only 3/4 inch wide. I've included the closeup shots of the front and back as well as the way it is meant to be tied. Decorative weights could be added to the braided ends should it be desired. This belt was woven using the threaded in method and a simple 8 turns forward and 8 turns backward turning sequence.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Spring is playing peek-a-boo with us. Either that or Winter is holding on with tooth and nail.

Friday was starting to get cool in the evening and the wind was coming out of the North. Saturday, the air was cool, the wind cold, and the sun warm. Yesterday, I woke to a heavy dusting of snow and a cold North wind. Luckily, the sun was still warm so the dusting, along with a little more of the winter accumulation, was gone by the middle of the afternoon. This morning the ground is hard again, the wind is still blowing out of the North, and the Sun doesn't feel quite as warm on my face as it has been.

I'm working on a new weaving. This is a scarf that is a little over 5 inches wide and will be almost three feet long, not counting the fringe. I had originally planned on weaving in some textural diamonds along the length of the scarf but the pattern didn't look right. I still need to do some research and learn some of the finer details of weaving texture and complex patterns. On the up side the colours I chose and the threading is creating a very interesting pattern all on its own. So far, the pattern reminds me of a summer river with small white tipped waves.

I'm still working on carving but for now the weaving is taking most of my attention. I have a baby spoon and another coffee scoop in progress. Actually all I need to do is finish them but I haven't decided on whether I want to stain them or leave them natural. I'm leaning toward staining but as always I am procrastinating on making a final decision. I'll post pictures as soon as I finally finish them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The World Looks a Little Brighter

The world is definitely looking a little brighter this week. The sun has been out for the last couple of days, the air warm when the wind isn't blowing, the grass showing more and more from under the snow, and the birds are singing. A small corner of one of the raised beds has finally shown itself from under the snow and that means the soil is beginning to warm up.

We woke yesterday to the cacophony of the Red Winged Blackbirds as they moved in and started setting up territories and looking for mates. This morning the yard is full of Grackles looking for their first free meal of the year. Even the Chickadees and Sparrows are making a lot of noise today. I expect to see Geese flying over and Robins hopping around the yard any day now.

I'm looking forward to the flowers blooming, especially the crocus which should be coming up as soon as the soil is thawed out. I can only hope the squirrels left a few bulbs in the ground to come up again this year. The daffodils should be starting to come up in the next couple of weeks and then the flower beds will explode with greenery. Ah Spring.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've been struggling to find something positive to talk about for the last four days. Unfortunately, I can't find anything so I'll give a brief update for the week and hope that my mood and the weather are in better spirits next week.

I'm still struggling with an ear infection. It will seem fine for a few days or even weeks and then it plugs up and the Doctor has to vacuum pus out of my ear. He finally decided I needed ear drops on Monday. I have to put in four drops twice a day for the next ten days. He has also scheduled for me to have another hearing test in April.

The weather has been typical spring weather here. The ground is still frozen, the sun is warm, and I haven't seen much sun this week. It has been overcast and rainy for the last several days. With the ground still frozen that means We have flooding in the yard, and worse around the foundation. The sump pump has been running several times a day this past week.

I keep telling myself that things can only get better over the next few weeks as Spring continues it unstoppable march forward. Soon I'll be spending my days outside digging dirt and planting seeds. In the mean time, I have to vacuum the house every day because the animals have all gone into hyper-shedding mode and I find tufts of fur all over the place only minutes after I clean the house. Sigh, the signs of Spring.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Farm Blogs from Around the World

I was asked to submit a blurb about Sparrow Haven and to include a link to Farm Blogs from Around the World. The owner is trying to create a list of various farming and gardening blogs from around the world, listed by location. It turns out that most of my favourite farming/ gardening blogs are already part of his list but I'll keep checking back and hopefully find a few new and interesting sites to visit.