Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shadows of Spring

Monday the groundhog saw his shadow which means another six weeks of winter. Today the temperature outside is above zero and there is a warm wind blowing out of the Southwest. The snow is melting in the sun and the birds are basking in the warmth. Tomorrow we can expect snow and another cold front to swing through on its way out East.

We almost always get a brief thaw in January though this year it waited until February. This, more than the groundhog seeing his shadow, tells me that spring is still more than a month away. Unfortunately, the thaw is when I really start getting twitchy to go dig around in the soil and this year is no different. This is especially so this year, since my seed orders have started coming in and I have virgin packs of seeds sitting on my desk calling my name.

I opted for a few early season vegetables but mostly I opted for some mid and late season crops. If everything grows like I hope then we will be eating good from April until November and have some winter squash and root crops to store for our winter vegetable needs. Now if we can get the apple trees growing strong and fruiting properly we will have our winter fruit needs taken care of, too.

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