Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I woke this morning to the lovely silence of a snowstorm. The snow is coming down heavily and the wind is blowing it around in swirls and clouds creating tiny areas of whiteout conditions. The most amazing thing though is the birds. Usually during a snowstorm the birds are hunkered down in a safe, wind free place to wait out the storm. Occasionally you can see them fluttering and gossipping in the hedge if the wind isn't to strong but on a day like today they are normally out of sight.

Today, though, they are at the feeders and picking the few remaining seeds from the cone flower heads. You would think they were starving and I had only just filled the feeders. The feeders were filled this weekend and they have been all over them since they were filled. Seeing them struggling against the wind to land on the feeders makes me wonder if this is just the calm before the real storm. I have to wonder if they know something we don't.

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