Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday I decided I needed some fresh air and a break from the cats who consider me their own personal sleeping mat. The thermometer was reading a chilly -10ÂșC so I put on a coat and went out to feed the birds. It was very quiet outside. There wasn't a bird or squirrel to be seen. Usually I can here the sparrows, chickadees, and even the doves gossipping softly in the hedge, but yesterday they were silent. The air was very crisp and burned my lungs if I breathe to deeply, but it was clean and it felt good to breath deeply even if I had to cough afterwards.

It turned out it was colder than I thought, but I didn't figure it out until my fingers froze to the metal tube feeders. Needless to say I grabbed a pair of gloves my next trip in to grab more seed. I finished feeding the birds and played with the dogs for a bit, chasing them through the snow and up and down the paths we keep cleared in the yard. In the end I could only stay outside for an hour before I lost the feeling in my nose and ears. The fire felt very nice when I came inside.

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