Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Break

I know I'm late in making a post this week. We took our normal Christmas break this year to relax, sleep late, and if we felt like it do a little cleaning and rearranging. I managed to rearrange the kitchen counters to give me some extra space and make it easy to get to my spices. We also installed a new curtain rod over the picture window. Otherwise this has been a very quiet holiday break for us.

Soon, though, the need to start planning the garden will take over and spring cleaning of the house will begin. Until then I plan on trying to work on some long overdue projects like learning to knit; finish some carvings that have been waiting; and maybe start quilting the top sent to my by my grandmother. I'll also get back to my regular posting of information, thoughts, and actions here at Sparrow Haven.

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