Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As you might have guessed I did survive my trip into town alone. I had almost reached the point of calling and postponing the appointment until later this week but I girded myself and drove into town anyway. As it turns out that was the best course of action considering the turn the weather has made since then.

Yesterday, I woke to find the snow coming down hard with a nasty wind blowing off the river. The snow kept up until around 8:00 pm when it turned to freezing rain. At some point during the night the freezing rain turned back to snow. This morning all the trees and shrubs are bowed down heavy with ice and snow, which is still falling heavily. We've already received an inch of snow since I walked the dogs an hour ago.

So here I sit watching the snow fall, the birds flutter around, the fire curl in the wood stove, and I am thankful that I was able to get my anxiety under control enough to drive into town Monday. Now I can sit and enjoy the weather and the company of the animals, warm and snug in my home.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you made it to town and back. I hope everything is ok with you.I do not mind the snow so much but that freezing rain is not good at this time of year. I hope that your trees are going to be ok. Where did Peter go on his business trip?


Anonymous said...

Hi again, sorry I do not know how to spell my own name,


Dee said...

It isn't the snow that is dangerous. It is the OTHER people on the road. Every year the first snow fall results in huge numbers of car accidents. It seems like most drivers forget how to drive on snow. It doesn't help that most of them wait until after the first heavy snow to change into their winter tires, if they do at all.