Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Slow Down

After all the hard work, over the last few weeks, I now have 14 litres of pumpkin cubes and 14 litres of yummy pumpkin soup to get us through the winter months. I still have one pumpkin left but I am hoping to find someone to take it off my hands. The pumpkin I have sealed is enough to last us a couple of years unless it is our only food and then it will last a couple of months. Either way, we have enough pumpkin stored that finding a home for the last one is imperative.

After I finished all the canning I worked on a commission for one of PeterC's coworkers. I had made some wooden tie clips, using magnets to secure them to the shirt, for PeterC as a gift and one of PeterC's coworkers like them so much he requested three for himself. I thought it was pretty cool and it gave me an excuse to order some more magnets and some exotic woods. I finished the commission yesterday and I am now on the front end of the winter slow down.

This is the time of year where I can catch up on my reading, take my time to create as my heart directs, and in general just slow down and relax. This period of relaxation will end sometime in January when I start feeling the need to work in the garden and get seeds started. Until then, though, I have several projects I want to work on including trying to teach myself to knit. With any luck I'll pick it up easily enough and will be knitting sweaters by next year. So here is to the slow down and to a month of relaxation and crafting.

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