Monday, December 08, 2008


PeterC is on a week long business trip and I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I am as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It has been several months since I've driven the truck and even longer since I had to drive into town. To top it all off I have to go to a clinic I've only been to a couple of times and find an office I've never been to.

I don't know why I get like this but I do. I can remember the first time I flew on an airplane alone and the severe panic attacks I suffered daily a week before the flight, and every time I landed at an unfamiliar airport to change planes. Even when my work required regular flying I would be nervous and twitchy the day before the flight, convinced that I was going to miss the flight, get on the wrong plane, or any number of silly scenarios.

I've been unable to sleep for longer than an hour at a time for the last couple of days and my appetite has gone into the crapper. I find myself glancing at the clock every couple of minutes afraid I am running late. I've made plans for every scenario I can imagine and plan on being dressed and out the door at least an hour before the appointment. It only takes 20 minutes to get into town but I'm not leaving anything to chance.

I know I am getting nervous and wound up over nothng. Thousands of people do this kind of thing every day but to me it is a big deal. I seem to suffer from some psychosis that sends me into panic at the thought of doing anything out of the ordinary, especially if it involves traveling and dealing with strangers. But, I will perservere and get through this as quickly and as safely as I possibly can. I will make it home before dark. But for now, all I can think about is "what am I forgetting to prepare for?". Oh yeah, money to pay for parking.

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Anonymous said...

Evening Dee,

By now you should be back home and all comfy in your home. Hope your trip was uneventful.

ps I saw a coworker wearing one of your tie clip creations. He looked dashing.