Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home made Christmas

This year we decided to make gifts to exchange for the Holidays. PeterC had requested tie clips and so I spent a few weeks trying to figure out how to make them out of wood. The end results turned out really nice and he loved them. He has told me several time since he received them that they were the best and nicest gift I could have given him. Pretty high praise in my book.

The woods are:
Left: Cherry Right: Walnut end grain
Left:Wamarii Right: Crabapple
Left:Yellowheart Right: Walnut w/ basswood inlay
Left:Wenge Right: Walnut w/ cherry and yellowheart inlay
Left:Crabapple Right: Basswood

I plan to make him at least a few more as long as I get the time and have access to different woods.

You may also remember I mentioned that I was weaving PeterC a scarf for Christmas. I finished it finally and thought I would share a picture of it as well. It isn't as long as I had hoped but it is my own fault. I left to much extra yarn, for fringe, when I secured it to the loom.

Close up of the pattern.

The scarf as it looks when worn.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Dee.
I like the inlays.


Dee said...

Thanks -e.

Anonymous said...

The scarf looks very nice. It must be nice and warm.
I saw one of the tie clips that you made and it looked very smart with the tie that Peter had on. You are very talented.


Anonymous said...

The tie clips are just beautiful; I really love all the exotic woods that you used. Your scarf also looks amazing. Thanks for the pics.

Merry Christmas guys,