Monday, November 24, 2008

Zipper Impaired

Today broke partly cloudy and cold. The temperature was hovering just above -10ºC, there was a hard frost on the already frozen ground, and there was enough of a wind to make it that much colder on exposed flesh. Of course today is also the day I realized, at 6:00 am, that I am completely incapable of doing up my own coat zipper.

I've always had a bumbling finger approach to doing up a zipper, and that is when I am fully awake. This morning, still half asleep, I was freezing as the wind blew oh so freely around my exposed torso. I struggled for several minutes, much to PeterC's amusement, with simple "insert tab A into slot B" instructions managing only to get Tab A firmly and resolutely stuck halfway into Slot B. Several tries, and a plaintive cry for help, later my coat was finally zipped shut and the cold air locked out.

I think next time I'll just ask for help first. It will be easier on the zipper, and my ego.

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