Monday, October 13, 2008

Wood Smith

It turns out that PeterC has become quite an accomplished wood smith over the last few months. We took the opportunity of a long weekend to finish up the outside of the new windows we installed in the cloakroom. We wanted the outside mouldings to match, as close as possible, the original mouldings still visible on the front of the house. He even made the siding to replace some that had to be removed due to rot.

The mouldings are made of cedar to make them as weather and rot proof as possible under the coats of paint we intend to cover them with. A few measurements, a false start or two while PeterC figured out how to cut the angles, and we have decent looking mouldings around our windows. We had to fill some large gaps with wood filler and caulk around the edges to seal them against the siding. Now all we have to do is prime and paint them, which may have to wait until next year.


Anonymous said...


Proud of Peter C. he did very good work on the door and windows.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Peter.

And I assume praise goes to Dee for proper design and nagging?


Dee said...

PeterC did up the design all I did was hold things as he needed and applied any caulking or patching compound. All praise goes to PeterC for this job well done.