Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet Potatoes and Scarlet Creepers

We had a hard frost a couple of days ago so I decided it was time to dig the sweet potatoes. It was a chore since they burrow deep into the soil. I don't have a pitch fork so I had to dig them by hand. Luckily the soil was mostly loose. In fact the soil is in better condition than it has been since we started the garden. All the compost and rotating of crops must finally be paying off.

We ended up with two huge potatoes, a few regular sized potatoes, and a whole lot of fingerlings. Here is the first layer of the curing box where you can see one big tuber and a couple of the fingerlings. The big tuber will feed a family of four alone. The fingerlings are about the size of my pinky finger and only a little longer. The larger potatoes will make nice casseroles and the finglerlings will make great additions to any soup or vegetable roast.

We also picked the last of the scarlet creepers. We thought we had picked a good number of them last weekend but we picked at least triple what we picked last weekend. Once these are all shelled I'll probably end up with 10 cups or more of beans. Looks like I'll be canning a few beans one day this weekend.

I do believe that scarlet creeper beans are one of the prettiest of the beans. The cranberry beans are pretty but there is something about the purple markings of the scarlet creepers that I find just lovely.

The only thing we have left in the garden now is the pumpkins and a few wild tomatoes that may or may not be edible. The last few I picked at been nibbled on by something.The pumpkins are starting to turn nicely, and they are larger than previous years. If we are really lucky we'll be able to harvest them for Halloween which is only three weeks away.

We've got six large pumpkins that will be cleaned and cooked down to make a puree. I froze last years crops but I think I might have to can this years crops since there is so much of it. If We do have enough to can I'll puree some and leave some cubed so they can be used for something other than pies and soups, though I do love a good pumpkin soup.

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