Friday, October 03, 2008

The Forces

The Forces
Calls in the Distance
Shadows moving in
Peeps and Squeaks get closer
The Forces are Gathering

The Feeders are Filling
Not Fast Enough
Winged Bombers Swooping Down
The Forces have Gathered

The Feeders are Empty
Sleepy Chirps in the Verge
Feathered Bellies Full
The Forces are Sated.


PeterC said...

LoL. That is very good. said...

Hi Dee - I looked for a way to contact you, and posting a comment was the only way I could find. Thank you for linking to my blog - I link to yours as well. I have a request. I recently moved my blog - would you please update the link on your page to ? I would really appreciate it.

Hope you're staying warm!

Take care,

Dee said...

HI Penny. Thanks for letting me know about the link change. I've updated it in my list and look forward to more rooster videos :) said...

Thanks, Dee! And I'm really trying to catch that Bobby Lee crowing on video - but the problem is that the chickens are so spoiled, the moment I walk outside they all quit what they are doing and run to the gate looking for a treat! Duke is crowing like a big boy now - Bobby Lee has that squeaky little off key thing going on. Too cute. I've GOT to catch in on video for you!