Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is Definitely Here

I woke up this morning and the first thoughts in my sleepy head were "Yep, fall is definitely here." What was it that finally made me declare, what some others will say was obvious weeks ago? I'm fairly stubborn so I require a few hard definitives before I say the seasons have changed.

1) The trees in the yard are almost naked. Three inches of leaves adorned the truck roof this morning, where it was clear last night.

2) We've had a hard frost two days in a row. Even though my Cranberry beans are valiantly blooming again the leaves are frost covered until the sun rises.

3) The cats caught, ate, and promptly threw up the first mouse of the season. It was a young one, which means it wasn't smart enough to stay out of harms way. I have live traps set and we release them a couple of kilometres from here, otherwise they just come back. However, I do not punish the cats for doing what the cats do best.

4) It was chilly in the house this morning. I haven't turned the furnace on yet this year, since electricity is so expensive. The temperature inside the house yesterday was 14ÂșC and the same this morning. Another couple of days and I will be setting the furnace to come on at 14 degrees and hope that it only operates an hour or so each night.

5) Canadian Tire is putting the Christmas displays out. It isn't Halloween yet but the Christmas decorations are on display.

Soon, I will declare that winter is upon us but I have to wait for my personal indicators first.


Anonymous said...

Christmas stuff is out.
Have you tried to get any fall stuff in town lately? Nearly impossible - rakes, etc take up valuable ornament space on the shelves.

Swim suits might be out again soon!


Dee said...

Actually, we went looking for snow shovels as both of ours broke last year. Couldn't find anything anywhere. I'm not surprised about rakes being stored away....I mean those are SPRING items don't ya know >sarcasm<. Forget it if you want to do garden or yard work any time after May.