Friday, October 24, 2008

Canning Almost Finished

As much as I like to cook and can food I am always glad when it is over. It is a lot of work and it takes time to boil the jars and seal everything nice and tight. This year I actually froze more than I canned. I've frozen Harvard Beets, Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage, and several variety of home made soups.

Today, I canned the Sauerkraut I put on the ferment back in September. I managed to get 13 quarts of delicious home made Sauerkraut put away for the winter ahead. Truthfully, this will last us until next fall when the cabbage comes back on sale. We might eat 3 or 4 quarts a year but if the power is down or we get snowed in this year I'll be very happy to have the extra food on hand. Besides, I've eaten home canned food that was several years old and it was as good as the first day it was canned.

All I have left to can, and maybe freeze since I am running shy on jars and lids, is the pumpkin. We picked them last weekend and they have been sitting out in the sun for the last week. This gives them a chance to finish ripening and the flesh will become sweeter after each successive frost. With all six pumpkins I am guessing I have about 120 lbs to seed, peel, process, and preserve. My favourite way is to cook it all down to a mush with some nice spices. Later I can pull it out and use it for pumpkin soup or pumpkin bread, both yummy winter treats around here.

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