Sunday, September 28, 2008


I like learning things. Usually, a thought will strike me as I am falling asleep and I will have to spend several hours the next day investigating it. Sometimes though something will occur around the house that teaches me something, usually about my self, that I had never given thought to before. This has been a good weekend for learning things.

This was the last weekend for the weekly garden basket I mentioned in an earlier post. It's kind of neat opening the basket to see what we will be eating this week for vegetables. It also causes some consternation if you get your hands on a vegetable or herb that you have never eaten before. This time it was Lovage. It is a lovely leafy herb with a strong smell. We read that it was good in soups, as a substitute for celery, so I made a vegetable soup with the lovage, carrots, beets, and beans from the garden basket.

Unfortunately, I have learnt that I am not fond of the taste of lovage. Perhaps I simply added to much to the soup or the other vegetables were to mild but the lovage not only smelled strong but tasted strong as well. Even with extra garlic, pepper, and onion all I can taste or smell is lovage. I don't think this will be an herb I try to grow any time soon.

As I was falling asleep last night I wondered how fancy patterns were woven into fabric. This morning I googled a weaving how-to and came across a very neat site. It is called WonderHowTo and is a collection of videos showing how to do everything from weaving to carving. I love finding sites like this since the videos are made for people by people and are rated by viewers on how useful the information was. I'll have to spend some more time there later today.

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