Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beginning of Fall

This week was both good and bad for the vegetables. We got a very light frost on Thursday and the harder frosts can't be terribly far behind. Apparently they did get a hard frost just a few kilometres north and west of here. It was only the factthat we have trees and are near the river that protected us from the harder frost.

I did managed to get four more quarts of Harvard Beets and four pints of mixed shelled beans from the garden. There are six very large pumpkins ripening on the vine and there are enough Scarlet Creepers ripening that I'll be able to put up another few pints of beans later this month. Even with the loss of the majority of the bean plants this year I'm not doing to bad.

We also found, through the local Green Party Candidate's website, a local-ish vegetable co-op. "Love Those Weeds" is a community supported agriculture farm that lets a set number of members purchase weekly baskets of harvest. Due to the nature of the growing season each weekly basket will have different vegetables in it. The owner normally delivers but in our case we're just to far away so we have arranged to pick up on Fridays. Unfortunately, we only have one more weekly basket before her garden is done for the year. However, we will be on her list for next year and we are looking forward to more vegetables than just our small garden can supply.

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