Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Window Casings Installed

With a final push this weekend we managed to get the rest of the mouldings installed. Now we are down to all the finicky painting and caulking. As it turns out I'm a far better painter than caulker. I tend to make a mess of it, even when I am trying so hard to be neat and clean. I'm not sure how I got the job of "make it pretty" but I'm doing my best. Once the white paint and caulking has been done I will have to go back over it all and touch up the walls. I promise pictures but only after the pretty work has been done.

On another note, I picked about 10lbs of beets from the garden. It isn't enough to run the canner so I am going to freeze them. I found a good Harvard sauce recipe on Recipezaar.com for freezing. All I have to do is leave out the butter and put them into 2 or 3 cps containers. It'll be nice to have beets this winter when the ones in the store are so terrible. I love fresh beets. With any luck I'll get beets from now until the first freeze and they will all be frozen, or canned for winters use.

The pumpkin has taken over the beans but it isn't really a loss. It's been so wet and cool here, especially at night, that we have developed a mouldy blight on the plants. They aren't going to produce much more this year and what little they do produce may not be worth eating. The only beans doing well are the pole beans, the Cubanos and Scarlet Creepers, and they are doing really well. They are a shelling bean so we won't pick them for another few weeks.

We've been trying to attract Hummingbirds for the last few years. In fact they are the major reason we plant Scarlet Creepers every year, attracting hummingbirds and the beans are good to eat. This year we finally had a little Ruby Throated Hummingbird buzzing around the garden. We saw him last week and decided to put a feeder out. He seems to spend the day moving between the Creepers and the feeder. Hummingbirds are just to cute.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

We have acouple of "hummers" buzzing around our petunias and some blue things the last couple of weeks. The feeder is still empty in the garage though.

We did the tile backsplash in the kitchen and I've been procrastinating the caulking at the bottom edge for a month or more. Each attempt ended in disaster.
Finally, I got the advice: "dip you finger in a tim hortons cup full of water and drag it along the bead". So, I bought a timmies and the trick worked wonders!

Give it a shot. (I assume any type of cup would work, but I didn't take any chances)


Dee said...

I heard that dish soap would work. Didn't. Just made the mess smear even worse. I'll have to give the water trick a try.