Monday, August 11, 2008


We spent the day yesterday working on the cloakroom, regardless of the thunderstorms that moved through just as we were ready to make the first cut on the baseboards. At least we got the vinyl down before the rain started. We got all the baseboard done, the exterior door done, and a really good start on the interior door.

We decided to go with the whole "Victorian" look for the cloakroom, which means we used a specific style of moulding for the baseboards and the casing around the doors. We used rosettes and plinths for the doors and corner pieces for the baseboards. This allowed the work to progress much faster as we had mostly 90º cuts to make.

We got rid of the mitre box and pulled out our chop saw to do the cuts this time. The cuts were much smoother and went a lot faster. Even the couple of 45º cuts worked out better, as long as I didn't brain fart. Let's just say it was a good thing we bought extra baseboard moulding.

Luckily, we were able to salvage the ruined pieces for under the doors. We cut the wide edges off the moulding and used them to cover the underside of the door. It lined up so perfectly on the exterior door that it looked as if we actually knew what we were doing and not flying by the seat of our pants most of the time.

The interior door isn't finished yet. When we drywalled the wall around the interior door the wallboard was just level with the old extra wide mouldings. We left them in place to act as the frame. Unfortunately, because the frame is so wide we had to come up with another solution for the casing. We chose to use a 4" moulding and rosettes of the same style as the exterior door. Then to bring the casing level with the inside edge of the frame we are going to add a piece of moulding that will be flush with the outer casing and slope inward toward the door.

It's the inner piece of casing that still has to be added. We suspect this will be quite tricky and require some really fancy cutting to make it line up all the way around and look like it all belongs properly. There are going to be some interesting trimming, notching, and of course 45º cuts to make the pieces frame the door correctly.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, guys.
Sounds like a lot of work and quite the little adventure but it looks very good in the end.

When are you doing my basement?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

It's really looking good! The cats seem to be enjoying it; or are they just sniffing and exploring every inch of the new room. (or maybe marking their spot LOL)

I'm anxious to see a pic with your carvings on the wall.



Dee said...

Thanks for the comments. We still have to finish the one door and the windows. The oak sills are being particularly annoying. The adventure seems to be running a little long, eh?

The cats were taking advantage of the open door to sniff the room. They aren't allowed out there yet until I touchup paint everything and get the window sills installed. Otherwise I'll find scratches in the walls where they tried to jump into the windows.

Anonymous said...


I find that the room looks very nice. You are doing a good job. I think that the cats like it too. So what are you going to do when this is finished. By the looks of your garden that you will be starting that job next.


Dee said...

Actually, my next BIG project is getting all the nooks and crannies cleaned after everything goes back onto the back porch where it belongs. There are sections of the front room that haven't seen a vacuum in awhile.

I try to spend a little time in the garden every day but it does seem to be escaping me this month. I do have to do some pruning of the pumpkin plant as it has decided it wants to grow right where my beans are planted.

I'll have to start my canning soon. Beets and greenbeans mostly this year. Maybe some pumpkin puree if they get big enough.

PeterC said...

I hope they are pie pumpkins, the small kind, so we can can some pumpkin.

Okay, THAT gave me images that will require brain bleach. Pumpkins doing the can-can...