Saturday, August 02, 2008

Crown Installed

The Crown Moulding is installed and it looks pretty good. It took us about four hours to cut and install and I have to admit that the nailer worked out really well. We used nailing strips behind the crown so we didn't have to nail it along the bottom only. We started out trying to make our own nailing strips from ripped 2 x 4s but for some reason our table saw wasn't cooperating with us. As luck would have it I had purchased some cedar nailing strips for another project so we used those and once they were nailed in place we were in business. The hardest part was cutting the angles the right way. Luckily, we had some extra moulding or we would not have finished it.

While we were working on the crown we noticed a squirrel sneak into the garage and climb into the bins we keep the birdseed in. We chased him out but not before he managed to stuff himself silly. A little while later I caught him resting his bloated stomach and watching us work in the heat and humidity. He is really cute and I don't mind having squirrels in the yard, for the most part. I do mind when they start raiding the birdseed storage bins. I guess we'll have to put the bins back on the back porch once we are finished with the flooring and mouldings and hope they don't chew through the screens to get at them.

Before we started on the crown moulding we spent some time working on the garden and cleaning up the clothesline. I had hung two large loads of clothes out earlier and for some reason the line busted and all the clean clothes hit the ground. We joked that we had gremlins but I hope that isn't the case. We have far to many mechanical things around here to have gremlins causing havoc.

Anyway, while cleaning up the clothes we noticed that the volunteer pumpkin had become a monster over the last few days. It was covered in early morning blooms and looks like it wants to take over the whole garden. There were plenty of bees moving between the blooms so hopefully we actually get some pumpkins from it. The tomatoes, just barely visible under the pumpkin leaves are blooming and we even have a couple of small green tomatoes. You got to love volunteer vegetables.

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