Thursday, July 03, 2008

Renovations - Days 7, 8, & 9

As you might have guessed by my lack of daily updates we've been busy trying to get things done on the mud room. We've made progress though some days it surely felt like we were moving backwards not forwards.

Day 7: We finished the subflooring, finally. It took longer than expected to finish it but it looks great. We do have to go back and add more screws but we are waiting for 4" masonry screws. We installed the insulation in the ceiling, fighting the odd widths between the joists. With only one exception the joists ranged between 25" and 28" centres. Since we bought 16" centre insulation it required a whole piece plus a few inches extra to fill the space. The insulation was only R22 so to get extra value PeterC decided to double the thickness in the tallest part of the A-frame. We managed to get one piece of vapour barrier on the ceiling before we were too pooped to climb the ladders again.

Day 8: We finished insulating the room quite early. The walls were much easier to work with, even though the studs ranged between 16" and 22" centres. Once we finished, PeterC took the old door frame out and cut the opening larger to accommodate the new door when it arrives. While he did that I finished putting up vapour barrier until I ran out on the last 4 foot section of wall. Another trip to BMR will fix that.

We managed to put one piece of drywall up on the ceiling and discovered in the process that I am to short to hold the drywall up over my head while PeterC tried to find the nailing strips. We managed to get it attached but my arms gave out after only a few minutes. To find the nailing strips and make sure we hit them each time with the drywall screws we used our chalk line to mark the drywall after it was in place.

We decided to go into town to return some extra bags of insulation, to look for a solution to the short arms problem, and to see a movie. While we were in town PeterC found a new toy to "help us install the mouldings" so he now has a cordless nailer. I need to come up with a few really important projects so I can buy some new toys too. I'm feeling left out. The solution for the short arms turned out to be a long handled T. Being to cheap to buy one I decided we would make one from wood the next day.

Day 9: Picked up the vapour barrier and 4" screws this morning and finished the drywall on the ceiling. The first piece we installed yesterday looked terrible with all kinds of extra holes where we missed the nailing strips and where the screws pulled through. By the end of the day our drywall didn't look half bad and we were using far fewer screws than before. We started to drywall the walls but a couple of mistakes really slowed us down.

We have learnt that it is easier to drywall the ceiling with just the ceiling vapour barrier in place. When you add the vapour barrier to the walls before the drywall on the ceiling there is multiple chances for the tape to pull to tight across the corners making it impossible to get the drywall right in there. We also love our chalk line. We used it again today on the ceiling and made a nicer job of the screwing.

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Anonymous said...

The drywall looks great.
I had heard about the makeshift 'T' idea for ceilings before. Glad you decided to make one instead of buying it.

Hope you guys are having fun.