Sunday, July 20, 2008

Renovations - Day 21, 22, & 23

Day 21 - I didn't do much more than the second coat of primer on the ceiling. It turned out that we had three cans of primer so if a third coat is required we won't have to buy another can. We're using Sico brand paint which seems to be pretty good paint. I'm no paint expert but it really seems to cover well at least on the second coat.

Day 22 - We got up early and started installing the door. PeterC built up the sill that the door would sit on while I put the first coat of paint on the ceiling. The painting was straight forward, though the pastel pink was a little bit of a shock. It turned out it was only a temporary colour and faded as the paint dried to a nice flat white. It also dried to an eggshell texture which helped to cover up any messy drywall compound. I have discovered that no matter how smooth the walls look when you stop sanding, they will look lumpy and bumpy as the light changes.

The door sill was not quite as straight forward as the painting. The sill had to be built up an extra 3 inches because we raised the floor by that much. Unfortunately, two layers of 2 x 6 came up higher than we needed so we had to shave 1/4 inch off the last layer. PeterC chose to use the router rather than the table saw. While the removal was much more even it did take quite a bit of extra time. It was almost 2:00pm before we test fit the door and found that we needed to add 1 x 6 boards to either side of the opening to take up the extra space. Once the framing was done the door installed fairly easily.

Once the door was in we decided to go to Home Depot and purchase a deadbolt and door knob. While we were in town we decided to eat at Shoeless Joe's to celebrate a birthday and an anniversary. The service was pretty good and the food was not bad either. I ordered a Steak and Rib platter that included lattice fries. The ribs were so-so but the steak was tender even after sending it back to be cooked a little more. There were enough fries on the plate to feed two so there was no way you could say the portions were not big enough. Over all not a bad place to eat but the price will limit it to special days only.

At Home Depot we found a knob and deadbolt that matched the front door's hardware. It doesn't have the old fashioned feel to it that I would have preferred but it is a good quality lock and reasonably priced. We asked the salesperson about getting the deadbolt and door knob set up for the same key and he was more than happy to do it for us. Unfortunately, he wasn't very good at it and kept "blowing the pins". An hour later, and fifteen minutes before the store closed, he announced that he wouldn't be able to do it and suggested we go with separate keys. While it would have been nice to have one less key on my keyring, I'm not to heart broken about it. We can always call in a locksmith at a later date.

Day 23 - PeterC mowed the hayfield we were calling the backyard. The rain and humidity over the last few weeks had the grass growing what seemed like an inch every day. As soon as he finished mowing the birds all flocked in looking for bugs and seeds they were not able to get to while the grass was so high. The earwigs are terrible this year. Everything we turned over revealed a mass of squirming earwigs. I keep hoping the birds will do something about them while they forage through the cut grass.

While PeterC mowed I installed the door hardware. The door was already drilled for the hardware but the frame was not. After marking the location of the holes we needed, I used a hammer and chisel to remove the wood to recess the striker plates and the reinforcer for the deadbolt. I was very surprised at how deep the hole had to be for the deadbolt. If I had realized the door came pre-drilled for the hardware I would have requested no deadbolt. A lesson learned.

There have been many lessons with this project. The biggest and most important is not to underestimate just how long it will take to get a project like this done. We estimated ten days and it has already been twenty three with several more to go. The drywall compound, the missed delivery date, and drying times on the paint are all things we didn't take into consideration when planning this project. Needless to say we will be more lenient with the time schedule on the next project.

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Anonymous said...

We haven't had any luck with locks at H.D. either.
We managed to get all of them changed to match a single key, but they can't cut that key.

Well, they can cut them and charge us, but they won't work. Home Hardware is the only place that can (currectly) copy our keys.