Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Renovations - Day 18 & 19

Day 18 - After work PeterC tried to sand the drywall joints with the electric sander but it turned out to be a little to powerful for the job. The grit came off the paper very fast and left scars on the drywall. I know it is possible to sand using an electric sander but it may require one with a slower oscillation so the paper cover of the drywall doesn't get scarred up to bad. I was hoping to use the sander to speed up the job but to also keep the mess to a minimum. Our sander has an attachment that allows the vacuum to be hooked up to it and that would have been much nicer than dust and grit flying everywhere.

Day 19 - I got up early this morning and decided to give the sanding a try using a wooden bock with the sand paper wrapped around it. It worked pretty good for the centre of the panel but not so well for the corners. I don't know if it a result of the corners themselves or the size of my sanding block. It also made a huge mess. I looked like I had gone grey overnight when I finally gave it up.

PeterC called at lunch to let me know the door was being delivered free of charge, I guess because it was shipped separate from the windows. When the delivery truck dropped off the door I got a bit queasy. At first blush the door looks bigger than the hole we have for it. The delivery guy, who was also the same guy who measured everything, was pretty confident that as long as we cut the opening back to the studs we would be fine. I guess we'll have to see when we get around to installing it this weekend.

When PeterC got home he had a couple of bags full of every gadget Home Depot sells for sanding drywall. I think he is getting tired of shopping, lol. One of the gadgets was a sanding pole you hooked to your vacuum. While I cooked supper he started sanding. I can't say the vacuum gadget worked all that well since he looked at white as I did this morning, but he did get a good amount of the sanding done.

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