Saturday, July 12, 2008

Renovations - Day 16 & 17

Day 16 - It took a good part of the day but we finally finished building up the window frame and installing the east window. Even though we built everything level it looks silly. It turned out that the siding was not put on level and so the window and window sill look like it is sloping down.

I really like these windows. They are double hung, energy efficient, and UV protected. I didn't realize the glass was actually a little darker than the other windows until we installed them. Then it was easy to see the colour difference. I still want to replace the standard screen with cat proof screen otherwise we'll have huge holes for mosquitoes to get in.

Day 17 - Got up early this morning and finished the last layer of gloop. Once it is dry we can sand it smooth and start the painting process. We've decided on white ceiling, white trim, and sage green walls. With the tile patterned vinyl floor it should look very pretty.

I can't be jealous of PeterC's new toy anymore. He asked me to carve a plaque for the new room. Since I didn't have any tools for relief carving he took me to Wood-N-Feathers in Merrickville to purchase some new carving tools. We just got back and I am now the proud owner of six new Warren tools: a fishtail gouge, two U gouges, two V gouges, and a spoon gouge. I just hope I can do justice to the wood, the tools, and the pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Glad to see that your project is coming along so nicely. I've been following the progress daily. I love your paint choice. I'm sure you will enjoy your North Star windows. We installed them 2 yrs ago and have no regrets. That was quite a project to take on but I'm sure you'll have great satisfaction everytime you go into the room and see what a wonderful job you've done. I guess hubby has to get back to work to take a break from his holiday.

Glad to hear about your new toys Dee. Isn't Christmas in July fun!! I'm anxiously awaiting the results to be posted on your blog.

Take care,