Thursday, July 10, 2008

Renovations - Day 14 & 15

Day 14- Things are progressing slowly right now. It rained really hard all day long and was really hot in the morning. Luckily we got a call last night to say our vinyl flooring was in so we went into town to pick up the flooring. While we were there we did the grocery shopping and picked up animal feed. We got really lucky and caught the bird seed on sale for 30% off. We bought two bags of everything we needed. Considering how much birdseed we go through that will last us to the end of August, maybe.

I thought we had finished the second coat of compound yesterday but to my dismay I discovered otherwise today.You have to put on three coats of drywall joint compound but you have to let each coat dry completely before you put on the next coat. The second coat on the corner tape has to be done in a special way which slows the job down even more, you have to do the second coat on one side of the tape at a time. So it takes a minimum of two days to do the second coat on the corners. After getting home from shopping PeterC put the second coat of compound on the other side of the corners while I put the third coat on the screw heads.

Day 15 - We got a call saying our order from North Star, the window company we decided to order from, were in so we headed into town again. It turned out it was just the windows. The door was not shipped and when the salesman checked we found out it will be July 15th before it gets here. The lesson here is to order custom made windows and doors at least a month before you plan to start your project. I think next time we do windows I want them to be in hand before I take the old windows out. That way if it rains we don't have to put plastic up over the openings.

When we got home we installed the insert right away. It actually went really well and was mostly installed pretty quickly. I stuffed pink insulation around the inside gaps and used a white caulking to seal the outside while PeterC started building the frame up in the other window. So, until we finish the painting the west window is as finished as it is going to be.

We knew the fact that we had to remove the frame from the east window was really going to slow thing down and we were right. We worked on the window frame most of the day and finally called a halt for supper. We got most of the frame installed but we have to put in the stop strips, the strips the insert is installed against and caulked around, and the sloping window sill on the outside. We will have to finish it tomorrow.

The second coat of compound PeterC put up yesterday was not dry even at 4:00 pm so we couldn't get the third coat done. We don't know if the humidity had anything to do with it not drying though PeterC suspects he put the second coat on to heavy. Once the window is installed tomorrow, we will have to do the final coat of compound and let it dry. I really hope we get the sanding of the drywall done so I can prime and paint next week after PeterC goes back to work. He is already saying he needs a vacation from his vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,

Too bad that vacations don't last 50 weeks and work only two weeks.
You seem to be doing a very good job. I hope pictures are coming when you are finished.