Saturday, July 05, 2008

Renovations - Day 11

I hate drywall. Really, really hate it. We were almost done with the room and only had to do the piece that goes around the right hand side of the east window and we screwed it up. We don't know how but we messed up bad. We measured four times and cut to our measurements, and had to re-cut, and re-cut again, and by the end of it the piece had big gaps along the left side. Of course it was our last piece of drywall so we had to go into town to buy a new piece. By the time we got back neither of us wanted to even look at the drywall again.

If we ever build our own house we are going to have rooms that are 8, 10,or 12 feet high and multiples of 4 feet on each wall. Putting the drywall itself up isn't bad as long as you have straight studs to screw to but cutting it, especially for rooms that aren't square is for the birds. I'm not sure how to solve the window and door notch issues though. We have to have windows and the DIY books all say the drywall needs to be notched around the openings rather than ending on the edges of the openings. Maybe practise makes perfect but thank heavens we're using casing around the windows and doors.

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