Friday, July 04, 2008

Renovations - Day 10

The day started with an animal emergency. Our dwarf rabbit Storm suffered a stroke sometime during the night and we had to have him put to sleep. He was almost eight years old and had lived a happy, safe, and spoiled life but it was still hard to say goodbye after all these years.

Needless to say, we were despondent most of the day but we continued working on the drywall. We have now completed half the room walls plus the ceiling. Things are progressing slower than we had hoped at the beginning of this project but we are learning a lot which will come in handy when we start the inside of the house.

We would have gotten more drywall done if we hadn't discovered that the window frame on the east facing window was completely rotted out along two sides. In the end we decided to rip the entire frame out and rebuild it to fit the window insert that was ordered. There is something about demolition that will lift a sad mood. Maybe it is cathartic to destroy things once in a while, though I expect any work that requires exertion would work just as well.

PeterC decided to ham it up for the camera by pointing out where the rot occurred and just how much work we did to get the frame out of the way. There is still a little rot in the 2x4" studs along the side and bottom but it is small enough sections that I can use the Dremel to excise it. Afterwards I will use an exterior wood filler to rebuild those areas.

With the frame completely removed, it gives us a chance to make it look at least somewhat like the frame of the west window. We get to build up the sill so that it sweeps out away from the window, letting rain and melting snow slide harmlessly to the ground instead of seeping into the frame and causing further damage. We both feel it is better to spend extra time and money now than to hide a problem and let it fester.

On a more positive note, the garden seems to be flourishing quite happily without our attention. The weather has been warm with fairly regular rain at night which they just love. Here you can see the bush beans, the Scarlet Creepers, what sprouted of the corn, and in the background the potatoes and lettuce. For supper we pulled a few beets, picked some lettuce, and some spinach that hadn't gone to seed yet.

Amazingly enough we even have volunteer tomatoes growing out of the compost bin. We weren't as diligent about turning it as we should have been and now we have to leave it so the tomatoes can grow. While neither of us had planned on planting tomatoes this year, "Never ignore a gift from Mother Nature" is our motto.

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