Monday, July 28, 2008

As Requested - Pictures

We originally said we were going to paint the walls Sage but when we saw the colour it was a little to grey for us. Instead we went with "Adventurine" which has more yellow than blue in it. We put three coats of paint on the wall and as of yesterday it was still just a little tacky. It has been very humid these last few days so maybe that has something to do with the drying time.

We're painting the mouldings gloss white and having to paint them in small batches due to space limitations. The crown moulding will be installed first so it was painted first. Hopefully, if the walls are tack free, we'll get the crown installed tonight or tomorrow. In the mean time we have most of the window mouldings in the process of being painted.

I'm actually pretty impressed with the installation of the windows and doors so far. With the windows all closed there is actually enough of a seal to create a vacuum on the interior door when we try to open it. That should make the cloakroom nice and cozy this winter.

On to the carvings. So far I have used six tiles and only have two good carvings to show for it. These three are the kindling pieces I carved. The flower was looking ok, if fuzzy, until I accidentally cut off one of the petals while trying to undercut it to give it depth. The bottom leaf looked great until I tried to create a curled leaf illusion. Every time I walked past it all I saw as the bad cut so it went to the kindling bin, too.

The left leaf was looking good too until I undercut the stem to much and Whoops, there goes another one. At this rate I'm going to need a new kindling bin.

Here are the two good ones so far. I plan to make two of each so they can be paired around the room. I still haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do with them or how they will be displayed. Maybe mount them in a picture frame and call them a patchwork quilt. I just don't know. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is the beginning of the second leaf, for the third time. With any luck this one will actually be completed without any oops and I can move on to another apple blossom. I'm planning on oak leaves, apple blossoms, Sparrows, and maybe cone flowers. I'm going to need to buy more basswood I think.

The kittens may not be doing any of the work but they sure look the way I feel. For some reason, probably just the length of the project and the frustration I'm feeling over the things I can't control, I am pooped. Mentally and physically I'm just downright tired. I'll be glad when we finish this project and I can look ahead to other projects.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures.

A question: What is the floor (or what will it be)? I'm sure you said, but I don't remember.

My suggestion for the carvings: Are they a good size for the corners of the door and window trim?
Instead of 45 degree cuts, sometimes you see fancy squares with carvings in them in the corners (I don't know if those are thick enough, though)


Anonymous said...


You have done a very nice job so far. I like the color that you chose. It will look nice when you are finished putting the molding around the ceiling and door and windows. Thanks for the pictures. I hope to see more.


Dee said...

e- The carvings are 4" x 4" and only 1/4 " thick. I had given some thought to mounting them on a thicker piece of wood and using them as the corner blocks for the doors. I'm just not sure if they would look good like that.

Oh, the floor is going to be vinyl that has a cobblestone pattern on it. Currently what you see in the photo is plywood, with lots of paint spills.

Janet - I keep procrastinating on the moulding because I'm afraid I have over designed it and made it to fancy for a cloakroom. Thanks for the note, and I promise more pictures as soon as I start installing the moulding.

Anonymous said...

I really love that paint color. Your carvings are beautiful. Why not set up the carvings as a group of 4 (a square) on your wall. It would look like a picture/artwork. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Now you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful room.



Dee said...
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Dee said...

HI L - We can't enjoy it just yet. We still have to install the casings, crown moulding, flooring and baseboards. Since this is a three day weekend we are really hoping to get a good chunk of work done this weekend. More pictures will follow.

Your idea is similar to my own for displaying the carvings. I do have a painting in progress that will be part of the decor for the clock room and I am building a boot rack that will include some carvings as well.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the final pictures. I'm sure the room will come together beautifully.