Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation = Renovations

It is coming up on vacation time again and we already have our next renovation project planned and ready to go. Vacation time is when we spend two weeks working on this old house to either bring it up to modern standards or to just make it look good. Last year we had the exterior painted. The year before we had the electrical replaced. The first year we replaced the front porch. Small projects get done throughout the year but the really big projects always wait for vacation time.

This year we are renovating the mud room. For those who don't know, a mud room is a small room off the back of the house that is used for everything from storage to removing mucky boots in the winter. Ours is mostly used as extra storage space for all those items used outdoors that can't be allowed to freeze in the winter. We've also been using the shelving as extended pantry space for canned and boxed items. While the room doesn't freeze in the winter, it does have a lot of drafts that lowers the heating efficiency of the entire house. After the renovations this year we hope that will change.

We've already ordered window inserts and a new door and are currently pricing out the rest of the requirements from nails to window casings. The whole room is going to be gutted, insulated, vapour barrier installed, floor levelled and subflooring installed, drywalled, new windows and exterior door installed, and finally the room will be painted and made pretty. It sounds like a lot of work to get done in two weeks but PeterC and I are pretty darned determined to do this whole job ourselves. Not only will it be a learning experience but it will save on the cost of a contractor, as long as we do the job correctly and not cut any corners.

Over the next few posts I'll show you pictures of the various stages of the work and talk about any surprises we find. Crossing our fingers there won't be any expensive surprises waiting for us under the drywall.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of fun.
A lot of work and a challenge, but fun.

I see I am a few posts behind in reading so now I will go read the first few days of reno and see just how fun it turns out to be.

Good luck...