Monday, June 30, 2008

Renovations - Day 6

Today was the longest day yet. We woke at 6:00 am and headed to town for an appointment. While I was there PeterC headed over to Home Depot to buy the insulation and Allure flooring we had chosen. He apparently had a hard time getting any help when he found there was no Patina colour of flooring. After much arguing back and forth with the salespeople he loaded the insulation and picked me up.

From there we stopped at a flooring speciality shop that had been recommended to us by a coworker. We hoped they also carried Allure but it turns out that it is a Home Depot only product. However, they had several vinyl floor coverings that looked just as good. It comes in 13 1/2 ft widths by however long, carries a 25 year warranty, is padded, sound dampening, and requires no glue to install. After looking through all the samples we chose a nice tile look and placed our order. It should be here the day PeterC has to go back to work.

We got home from town and started pulling nails from the studs in preparation for installing the insulation. Unfortunately, the supplies from BMR didn't arrive until 3:00pm so we got a late start on installing the subflooring. But, we did get started and plan to have it finished early tomorrow. For the subflooring we chose a 2" high density foam and 3/4 " good one side plywood. The two pieces we got laid today were attached to the concrete pad with 3 1/4 " masonry screws though I wish we had purchased 4" instead for the extra security.

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