Saturday, June 28, 2008

Renovations - Day 4

We got up early and headed over the BMR to pay for our order. They are going to deliver it Monday after lunch which is great as it gives us enough time to get the prep work done. We did knock the interior paint off the order since neither of us has decided on a colour but we both agree we do not want white. I'm leaning toward a very light orange while PeterC wants a pale green. I'd like to try one of those faux finishes but I'm just not sure if a small room mostly used for storage should be quite so decorative. Besides we have plenty of rooms to try that on.

When we got back home we gutted the rest of the room. During the gutting we found several new and interesting things, but nothing that brought a halt to the project. We found that the ceiling had absolutely no insulation which seemed pretty pointless considering the insulation in the walls. We also found rather large gaps where the mud room met the house. Large enough to require spray foam to fill them, which pretty much negated the insulation in the walls. We did find a piece of paper stuffed into one of the walls with the date of 1967 on it. We don't know if that was when the room was built or if that was when they took a screened porch and enclosed it to make the mud room.

We also found the remains of a huge paper wasp or hornet nest. When PeterC pulled the drywall away to reveal the nest we both held our breath and listened for the angry buzz of winged warriors. Thankfully, it was abandoned or we would be is serious deep trouble. It turned out the nest was so old that it crumbled at the slightest touch so it was easily removed with our shop vacuum.

The only truly worrying thing we found was a large spot of missing wood in the roof. We could easily see the membrane that is under the tin roof and so we were worried about water leaks. As we removed the walls we found that none of the insulation showed any water damage so it is obvious that the membrane and tin are doing their jobs. However, it does mean that we will need to repair the roof, or replace it completely, sometime in the near future.

We finished the gutting and insulation cleanup around 3pm and we started on the spray foam to fill in the cracks and gaps between the mud room and the side of the house. Because of the number and sizes of gaps we actually had to run into Home Depot, since BMR was already closed, and buy another 5 cans of spray foam. When we got home we filled all the gaps, cleaned up for the night, and called it a day.

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