Friday, June 27, 2008

Renovations - Day 3

We received the quote from BMR for the materials we need except the flooring and hardwood casing materials. We're using the Allure simulated tile vinyl flooring and BMR doesn't carry it. The casings have to be ordered in from the supplier so a price has to wait until they hear from them. It isn't a big deal since the casings are the absolute last thing to be installed, after the windows which arrive on July 9th. The quote actually came in quite a bit lower than what we had calculated at Home Depot which is a blessing considering Home Depot's cost was looking to run us almost $4000.00 including the flooring. With the BMR prices the whole project is going to cost less than $3000.00. Not by much but when pennies count dollars make a big difference.

So, even though today was a work day for PeterC and a late one at that, we did some more demolition on the room. We finished pulling out the loose concrete around the edges of the room and it was worse than I had expected. Where the exterior door is there is a gap that must be 2" wide and opens into a small cavern under the centre pad. You can see all kinds of rocks and gravel under there so the centre pad isn't as thick as we would prefer. This also means that we have to talk to the people at BMR to see if they can suggest a better way to fix this problem. We may just have to buy a bag of cement and fill it in with that before using the patching compound on top.

We also started tearing out the drywall today. We only did one wall but neither of us could wait until tomorrow to find out what we had to deal with back there. If all the walls are as good as this one then we are in fine shape structurally. In the picture you can see the true 2" x 4" studs, which appear to be a hardwood but could just be dark from age. The outer cladding, seen in the empty section all appears to be free of rot and other problems except the holes they drilled to blow in the insulation.

You can also see the blown in paper insulation which we weren't expecting. With the insulation in evidence it now suggests that all the cold drafts were coming from the leaking window sills and the crack in the foundation. This stuff is a real nightmare to clean up as the slightest breeze moves it all over the place. We filled three garbage bags packed tight full with just this one wall. Luckily none of it showed any water damage which is a really good sign for the integrity of the wood.

So tomorrow is the official start of vacation/ renovations and we are already a day ahead of the game. The one wall took us an hour and a half to gut so the other three should take less than a day. That gives us plenty of time to fill the foundation crack with cement and let it cure before the materials arrive on Monday. Then we have two weeks to get everything installed and openings framed for the replacement windows and doors.

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