Sunday, July 06, 2008

Renovations - Day 12

The drywall is done, done, DONE *insert happy dance*. We got up early and installed the last piece. Even though we measured it several times and verified all the measurements we still had to trim some extra off the bottom but it is done. We discovered that the Ryobi cordless circular saw works well to cut small pieces of drywall rather than trying to cut and snap like you do with larger pieces. To bad we didn't figure this out a few days ago, it would have saved us some time.

Since we got the last piece installed so early we were able to get the joints taped, the screw heads puttied, and I started rebuilding the hole left by removing all the rotted wood. The taping pretty much took the rest of the day but while PeterC did the taping, and a very nice job of it too, I spent the day doing the other work that needed to be done. I even got a good start on removing the drywall compound someone put around the edge of the interior door so they wouldn't have to install extra wide casings.

I was so happy about getting the drywall done that I picked a few cups of Red Currants and made a Rhubarb & Red Currant crumble for dessert. It is the first real home cooked meal we've had since this project began and we enjoyed it very much. I never realized just how spoilt I have become having the time and energy to cook real food that we enjoy. I don't know how I did it when I was working full time.

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