Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Renovations - Day 1

Spent the day cleaning everything out of the mud room. It is amazing just how much crap you can shove into a small space if you use shelving. Once I got the room cleaned out I took assessment of the situation then measured the ceiling height and room length and width. With those measurements I created a spreadsheet with a list of all the supplies I could think of and began calculating square footage requirements for the various building supplies.

Once PeterC got home from work we headed up to BMR to get a quote on what they could supply. They gave us some ideas for the subflooring and the like and in general are just really good people. They are supposed to fax the quote to PeterC tomorrow. The items BMR doesn't carry will be purchased from one the building suppliers in town, either Home Depot or Rona depending on the prices.

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