Monday, June 02, 2008

Rainy Weekend Opportunities

Well, this weekend turned out to be a bust in the yard. It started raining Friday night and didn't stop until Sunday around 1:00pm. We went outside to feed the birds and it started raining again before we were done. However, the light shows Friday and Saturday nights were pretty cool and the garden seems to have not minded the weather one bit. We did get a small bit of hail but that didn't do any damage here. The neighbours weren't so lucky and several are now missing part or all of several trees.

Since we couldn't go outside without having to change clothes we made a really good Mexican Salad with homemade corn tortillas. The tortillas aren't labour intensive but they take a long time to cook when you only have one cast iron skillet the right size. We put the first six into the oven and crisped them up to make chips. PeterC commented that he would like to have home made chips more often for those nights he enjoys his salsa, which is pretty often. I don't think that will be happening until he figures out a way for me to cook more than one at a time. I'm thinking a big steel plate over the fire pit would work great.

As has become routine for Mondays, I am trying to get caught up on all the chores that didn't get done on the weekend. I can't say that I mind though. With me staying at home and keeping the house clean during the week, PeterC doesn't feel pressured to try to get everything done on the weekends like we used to do. Instead we spend time doing things together outside or when it rains we spend time talking to each other about things that for so long were just to trivial to discuss. It seems our relationship is stronger now than it has been for several years. I guess a cessation of stress and continued conflict will do that for a relationship.

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PeterC said...

Love ya!

Working on the chip cooker, was thinking of a dome about 2 foot across with a smoke hole in the middle.... :)