Sunday, June 08, 2008

36º C and Counting

Yep, it has been a hot one these last few days. On top of the 36º temperatures it has been incredibly humid outside with humidity hovering around 80% all day and even more so at night. I'm pretty sure that we reached a record high for June 7th yesterday when the thermometer skyrocketed just after the sun rose and didn't drop much after the sun set.

The house is closed up tight to try to preserve the cooler, and dryer, air inside but it is starting to warm up and get stuffy. If it wasn't so humid at night we could open the windows and at least let the house cool down to 20º but the excess humidity would just make things worse. So instead we use fans to circulate the air and run a small room air conditioner at night when we sleep. Once the humidity dries up and the temperatures drop at night we will remove it and let nature cool the house once more.

With this unseasonably hot weather we have to be careful of getting overheated when we work outside. We have to drink plenty of water and wear a hat if we have to spend more than an hour outside. I am afraid that this summer is going to be so unbearably hot that we will spend the majority of our time indoors, but the vegetables should love it as long as we keep them well watered through the dry season.

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