Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Trouble with Carvings and Cats

I had some free time and a twig while waiting around at the Dr's office. I carved a really tiny spoon just as a lark and to keep myself from chewing my nails off. I brought it home, sanded it nice and smooth to pretty it up, and placed it on my supposedly secure work space so I could coat it with oil the next night. Lo and behold, it isn't there anymore. So, either the cats have broken into yet another secure location and run off with the spoon OR the mice living in this 100yr old house have a refined sense of decorum and now have a mouse sized spoon to use.

I'll post pictures if I ever find the spoon. OF course I'm still looking for the nuthatch carving/ refrigerator magnet I started two years ago and finally finished a couple of months ago. Pretty sure the cats got that one too. Eventually we'll find it in the weirdest place, like tucked under the bookcase or stashed in behind the refrigerator. The smaller the project the more fun the cats seem to have hiding it from me.

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