Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Showers

You know the old saying "April Showers bring May Flowers"? Mother Nature in my vicinity must have misheard and thought is said "April Flowers bring May Showers". Thats right, it is May 4th and we have had showers everyday since the beginning of the month. As long as the air is warm I don't mind as it is good for the sprouts, though it does make it difficult to get yard work done. Unfortunately, the rain has brought cooler weather with it and threats of more freezing next week. I have to get out in the rain today and cover all my tender shoots or I will have to replant the entire garden at the end of May.

We think we finally identified that strangely marked "goldfinch" that I spoke of last week. It turns out it may have been a male Common Yellowthroat. We haven't seen him recently so we can only assume he was stopping by Cafe Sparrow Haven for lunch as he made his way further north. I love seeing new birds but I love it when they decide to stay a raise a family too. The variety of birds and wildlife in our yard tells me we are doing something right, even if it is only offering a fair number of feed and habitat choices.

We woke to an amusing sight this morning. A very confused and agitated squirrel was trying to figure out how to get a very large, fat really, rabbit out of the ground feeder. He was sitting up and leaning into the feeder to snack on the choicer bits of food, the bits the squirrels love too. The squirrel made a couple of false charges, shook his tail, and chittered a warning. After two or three minutes the rabbit got bored, or ate all he wanted, and moved away from the feeder. It was very obvious that the squirrel was relieved that he hadn't had to attack this giant of an intruder.

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