Monday, May 12, 2008

The Garden is In

This weekend was perfect for working out in the yard and so we spent the time putting in the last of the garden. The seeds we planted this weekend are those that require lots of sun and lots of heat to put out fruit, but they take a while to germinate. Putting them in now has given us at least a two week head start on the average year of summer crops. It's been warm and sunny during the days so the soil is warm enough to let these little beauties germinate and grow.

We're trying the Three Sisters method of planting bean, corn, and squash in the one bed. Instead of squash we opted for watermelon. The melon was only planted in the last two rows of the corn and half of the bed was left fallow to allow the melon plenty of room to grow and run without killing off other plants. I had to expend a great deal of willpower not to plant something in that other half of the bed. It just feels wrong to leave valuable space fallow like that.

The second bed is our bush beans. We planted the rows 8 inches apart to maximize our planting space. We managed to get three rows each of Green Snap Beans, Black Turtle Beans, Royal Burgundy Snap Beans, Tongue of Fire Beans, Cranberry Beans, and two rows of Black Valentine Snap Beans. We still have several variety of beans to plant but they will have to wait until next year's garden.

We planted Green Peas and Sugar Snap peas in the boxes near the dog's kennel. They will get a lot of morning sun but not so much afternoon sun. This will help them grow and produce longer than they normally do. We also planted some Strawberry Rhubarb that was generously shared with us by a friend I used to work with. I look forward to inviting her family over for a wiener roast and bonfire to tell her thank you.

All in all it has been a good spring for gardening. We've still got apple trees and sweet potato seedlings on the way from Dominion Seed House, and I still plan to purchase at least two chili pepper plants from the garden centre once they come in but, for the most part, the garden has been planted. Now we can move on to the spring chores like cleaning the garage and weekly mowing.

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